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Common problems with sales proposals

7 Deadly Sins of Sales Proposals

There are a lot of roadblocks when it comes to achieving sales goals, but one of the biggest issues is the lack of effective sales proposals. The strength of your proposal makes all the difference when it comes to closing more sales faster. Make sure you are not committing the top 7 deadly sins of proposal creation.

Secret Costs in Your Sales Process

When it comes to technology sales teams, there are some pretty obvious costs to having an incomplete presales process. Whether it’s lost sales opportunities, frequent staff turnover or the implementation of incorrect solutions, there are a lot of ways that having an insufficient process can reduce your bottom line. Read about 3 secret costs that could be ruining your sales process.

5 Pitfalls of Incomplete or Inaccurate Sales Proposals

Taking care of your customer starts from the very beginning, with a complete and accurate sales proposal. It takes time – sometimes lots of time. But if you don’t take the time you risk presenting your customer with an inaccurate or incomplete sales proposal. Read about the 5 pitfalls of incomplete or inaccurate sales proposals so you can avoid them.

Problems with Inadequate Executive Summaries

If we were given the opportunity to show only one part of a proposal to a prospect, we would show them the executive summary. This is your opportunity to prove to them that you understand their business, challenges, the underlying cause of those challenges, and how you’re going to solve them. However, most sales teams either don’t include an executive or it is poorly written. Read about the 5 most common mistakes made with inadequate executive summaries so you don’t make them too.

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