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We want to do more than sell product.
We want our clients to succeed – and that’s the way we’ve
structured our business.

We weave our product into our clients’ processes in order to transform the way our clients operate – so that they can sell more in less time. If you’re just looking for an off-the-shelf product to try, then we may not be a good fit. If you’re looking to invest in a partnership to transform your sales process – and your business - then give us a call.

Company Service


Recognizing that it takes teamwork to solve client problems, as well as to deliver superior customer service on a regular basis, CorsPro staff are encouraged to take a personal stake in resolving any client issues, while working as a team to ensure success. Everyone here gets to know our client’s names, and understand their sales organizations, their challenges and their goals.

Every member of our staff is trained to approach customer interactions with a can-do attitude, no matter what their job description says – and to immediately involve team members who can help while championing the issue through to resolution. The dedication to provide superior service is a key value, and we work hard to ensure it remains a priority.

Company Agile

Agile Development

Quick, highly responsive and proactive interactions are trademarks of an agile development philosophy. Rather than traditional project timelines, which culminate in everything being delivered in the far off future, our approach is to deliver results quickly and regularly. Our approach to service is to immediately get to work on solutions, and to deliver results as soon as practicable. We are very proactive, providing updates to software every month, regular data updates and even sometimes presenting our clients with solutions that have worked for our other clients.

Company Software-As-Service


SalesDoc Architect is not just an off-the-shelf buy and forget product. It is an extremely flexible, powerful set of tools combining the ease and familiarity of the Microsoft Office suite of products you and your sales force already use, and the online cloud architecture we’ve custom developed for superior flexibility and management of all of your projects.

We do not tie up our clients with complicated long-term contracts. If we don’t satisfy our clients every day they are completely free to go in another direction without us. This arrangement continually motivates us to ensure each client is succeeding with our products and services. To date, our client retention rate is higher than 95%.

Company History


Founded in 2003 to serve a few small sales organizations, CorsPro today provides software as a service to some of the biggest names in the technology industry.

The company’s customer base has been growing over 30% per year, and the boutique’s expert staff has been carefully expanding to meet demand. But the story of CorsPro is about long-term commitment, trust and a culture which drives the highest level of service in the industry. We attribute our success to these factors, which have been a focus since our founding, and remain so today.


Brian Cors

President and CEO

Brian bought his first Compaq portable computer in 1984 and has been obsessed with business productivity ever since. In the 80’s and early ‘90’s his work in solutions analysis, which started with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), quickly intersected with his interest in sales.  Working as a sales and marketing executive at Fortune 500 industrials such as FMC and Baxter, he developed his first document automation software to help improve the proposal process for his sales force. At Mitel, he built a sales organization that grew revenues over 50% by providing hundreds of sales personnel with productivity tools. As head of marketing and sales support for Mitel’s direct sales organization in the U.S. and Canada, he was instrumental in turning the company from a loss-maker to industry leader, achieving a 10% return on sales. Today, he continues to rapidly grow his own company, CorsPro, which produces the world’s most powerful sales doc/CPQ/RFP platform, called SalesDoc Architect.

An alumnus of UVA’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, as well as Duke University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, he has a double degree in Political Science and Public Policy.

Living in Reston, Va with his wife, two daughters and three Siberian cats, Brian is an active member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, where he serves on the Board of Servant Leaders. Brian also speaks and conducts seminars on achieving real-world productivity through technological innovation.

He also enjoys craft beer and is commissioner of a fantasy football league.

Ken Plummer

Vice President, Client Services

Ken’s focus is to continue the CorsPro tradition of providing customers with exceptional service. He is responsible for consulting, implementation, manufacturer content and support efforts. Through the continual development of processes and new infrastructure, Ken and the client services team are enhancing the already world-class implementation services provided to SalesDoc Architect (SDA) customers.

A PMP certified Project Management Professional, Ken has a wealth of experience in the technology industry.  He worked for 18 years at ConvergeOne (previously NACR) in various management roles, most recently as Senior Program Manager and Field Service Manager of Projects.  Previous roles include Product Management, Engagement Management and Sales Engineering positions at G3 Technology Partners and also KLF. These experiences are informing the expansion of CorsPro’s professional services portfolio and enhancement of consulting services offerings.

Ken studied electrical engineering at Purdue University at Indianapolis and professional communications at Ivy Tech in Indiana.  He is also a BICSI certified IT Project Manager (ITPM) and is a Nortel Certified Technology Specialist (NCTS).

Outside of work, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife Sherri and son Cody.  Ken and Sherri are both active members in their church. They currently reside in Anderson, Indiana with their Brittany dogs which they enjoy training in obedience, agility, and hunt tests.

Tricia Trzybinski

Director of Marketing and Client Relations

Tricia has filled a variety of roles since joining CorsPro in 2004, from solutions consultant to sales, programming and training. This background, along with her experience and training in marketing, positions her perfectly both to project the firm’s unique qualities via new marketing efforts, and to ensure a highly responsive, knowledgeable and understanding client relations operation. Her interest in building relationships is a key factor in CorsPro’s ability to listen to customers and make their lives easier and more successful.

Tricia’s primary responsibility is to provide insight and assistance to complex solutions providers as they learn to win more business using SalesDoc Architect and related services. She also works with CorsPro partners to create business opportunities beneficial to both parties as well as customers.

Prior to joining CorsPro, Tricia worked with Brian in her role as Marketing and Communication Manager for the direct sales channel at Mitel Networks, where she was responsible for updating the brand with a successful repositioning campaign.

A native of Daytona Beach, Florida, Tricia earned a B.S. in Marketing from Barry University in Miami, Florida, followed by an MBA in Marketing and Finance from The Pennsylvania State University.

Today, Tricia lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Loveland, OH with her husband, son, two daughters and golden doodle. She enjoys volunteering at her children’s school and at church, attending her children’s various events and sneaking in some time to read a good book or catch up on a favorite TV series.

Sue Ann Coen

Director of Product Development

Since 1991 Sue Ann has been developing her expertise across all phases of the complex system development life cycle. She has always insisted on working closely with her customers, ensuring their business requirements are met. Her role at CorsPro is to continually enhance SalesDoc Architect, providing solutions that extend the value of the software to sales teams – and increase sales for customers.

Sue Ann’s experience includes large system development in her role as systems engineer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). There, she honed skills developing Inventory, Emergency Response, Loan Origination and a DOD Travel System. She also gained valuable experience working for a PeopleSoft consultancy, customizing customers’ AP and Payroll systems. At Baan Corporation she served as a SQL Server DBA.

Sue Ann earned a B.S. in Decision Science and a B.S. in Finance from George Mason University.  She has devoted a number of years to being on the PTA board at her children’s schools, as well as volunteering for various school activities and devoting her time to her children’s sports activities. She currently resides in Reston, Virginia with her husband and 3 children.

Laura Owens

Director, Strategic Accounts and Client Solutions

Having held positions at the National Security Agency, Sun Microsystems, Cybersafe and ROI2, Laura brings over twenty years of high level software engineering service to CorsPro customers. In addition to engineering, professional services and technology management, Laura is a seasoned program and project manager. Her role is to help clients implement and customize their software, provide support and training materials and develop professional service offerings designed to further add value and achieve results for customers.

Laura enjoys serving as a trusted advisor to her clients. She is an enthusiastic evangelist to developers and users alike, and brings a true passion for providing excellent client service to the CorsPro community. Her approach is to create a partnership of success, in which the client is empowered to achieve success by “teaching them to fish.”

In addition to a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, Laura has completed coursework toward an MAS degree at Johns Hopkins University.

In her free time Laura enjoys playing piano, downhill skiing, seaside walks, birding, gardening, contemporary Christian worship and entertaining with family and friends. She has also earned a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 adult sons and 2 dogs, a weimaraner named Brio and a beagle named Missy.

Becky Saunders

Director, Content Curation & Implementations

Becky has a great deal of experience creating user requirements, writing system documentation, designing test plans, executing test cases, and, most recently, providing quality assurance consulting. Her role at CorsPro is to harness this experience and continually update manufacturer content for SalesDoc Architect users.

Becky has worked for Vredenburg, TEIR, BDM, Compusearch, Cigital and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Throughout her career, she has managed projects in both the government and private sectors, as well as for non-profit institutions. Her years working for top-notch organizations are reflected in everything she does for CorsPro’s customers.

In addition to her work, Becky keeps a busy family schedule with her husband, Bruce and their four children. She enjoys volunteering at her children’s schools, especially the art classes.  She enjoys arts and crafts, photography and gardening. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Becky moved to Northern Virginia in 1988 and now resides in Hamilton, VA.