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The best of both worlds.

Qualification, Configuration, Pricing and Document Generation – on one platform.SalesDoc Architect blends the familiarity of Microsoft Office and the power of online cloud-based computing.

How does SDA work?

Our solution, SalesDoc Architect (SDA) is built around the Microsoft Office suite, the most flexible and familiar tools in the workplace.  Because every member of your sales team already knows and is comfortable with Microsoft Office, this approach ensures easy training, quick and thorough adoption – and provides an enormously powerful combination of on- and off-line computing power to contribute to the presales process.


Price and Configure

Configuration options that fit your business:
  • A variety of configuration approaches to suit sales personnel capabilities and solution complexity
  • Configure from scratch or import configurations from an integrator tool
  • Create custom logic and tabs in Excel

Automated pricing calculation:
  • Access price list data or easily import external data
  • Integrate with manufacturer configuration tools
  • Integration with front and back-office solutions – including CRM and ERP solutions – with the option to drive the configuration and pricing

Automation of complex calculations:
  • Ideal for leasing, ROI analyses, managed services, and more
  • A familiar, user-friendly interface and powerful calculation capabilities within Microsoft Excel


SalesDoc Architect’s unique built-in logic auto-assembles proposal sections, based on the product configuration. Beyond assembly of custom Microsoft Word documents, auto-configure parts, labor, workflow, approvals and more. Users no longer have to do all of the work manually – which reduces costly errors and saves many hours each week. Instead, they can produce customized sales proposals that precisely address the client’s needs.

Plus, we update several manufacturers’ data regularly, so you don’t have to.



SalesDoc Architect integrates with CRM and ERP solutions, and also imports from manufacturer configuration and integrator tools. This capability enables users to access client data, configurations, pricing and processes without having to rekey data.



Customize a huge array of sales and service documents. Proposals, scopes of work, even managed service and financing documents will convey exactly what you want them to. We provide many forms and output templates, which can be modified very easily, or you can add your own. No matter what the document, SalesDoc Architect makes it professional, error-free, and a consistent part of your brand.

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“I haven’t found anything SalesDoc Architect can’t do …with a web architecture or some other product that required programming, my costs for the product would go through the roof and my implementation procedures would be slow.”

Mark Sanders IV, MTS,Inc.