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You Need This – Next Level Discovery-Driven Proposal Automation

Sitting down with a customer for a discovery meeting is an important step in the sales process. With SalesDoc Architect’s discovery-driven proposal automation you can drive more sales while spending less time in your sales tools and document creation chaos. Discovery-driven automation takes all the information related to customer requirements, needs, areas of pains, etc., then compresses it and all at once automates several steps the proposal and scope of work generation process.

A Cautionary Tale: One Mistake Can Ruin Design and Configuration

99% of companies do some kind of Discovery and Qualification. Even with a list of questions in the Qualification and Discovery stages, salespeople unknowingly omit pertinent qualifiers that dictate the solution path. Given the process sets the foundation for Design and Configuration, engineers may waste hours researching, designing, and providing quotes for solutions that aren’t the right fit. Read our cautionary tale to avoid mistakes in design and configuration.

Quick Start and CorsPro Architect Manager Services – Your One-Two Punch to Knock Out the Competition

The best projects are those that can be accomplished quickly without compromising quality. Add on one that almost maintains itself and you’ve got a winner. CorsPro provides our clients this type of one-two punch when it...

SalesDoc Architect Automates Qualification and Discovery

CorsPro can automate your qualification and discovery processes in SalesDoc Architect. Using the Qualification and Detailed Discovery modules, SDA provides the necessary automation to deliver detailed proposals and scopes of work tailored to individual needs while avoiding any ambiguity that could lead to scope creep.

SharePoint and SDA

Powering Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint & CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect

Here at CorsPro, we recognized just how many hands are involved in the sales process. From the salesperson’s discovery, to the engineer’s detailed configuration, then off to the VP of Sales for pricing approval, and more … there had to be a better way to connect, provide visibility, and hasten the sales process. That’s why we are so excited to announce our recent integration of CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect (SDA) with Microsoft SharePoint for document management and workflow automation.

SalesDoc Architect Product Roadmap

CorsPro has long been known for its ability to hyper-automate the pre-sales process and bridge sales and operations. In this interview Brian Cors, CorsPro president and CEO, talks about CorsPro’s past, present, and the roadmap for the company’s exciting future – including SalesDoc Architect’s cloud-based enhancements and its integration with Microsoft’s Sharepoint.

The Growing Pains of Mergers and Acquisitions in Sales Organizations

When you work for a sales organization, you want to see your company grow. Sometimes companies grow internally so they must open more offices to better serve their larger base. Other times, companies grow via mergers and acquisitions. When growth is a result of mergers and acquisitions, be ready for some unexpected growing pains.

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