SDA Installation and System Requirements

Installing SDA

Users generally install SDA in one of two ways, depending on their system setup and network configuration. If your company or site has an Architect Manager/SDA Admin, you should get in touch with them for help in identifying the approach to use for installing SDA.


Office 365 Updates Channel

Companies with Office 365 must subscribe to the SEMI-ANNUAL updates channel and not the current updates channel.  The semi-annual channel is Microsoft’s default and, according to Microsoft, is best for organizations that “have a significant number of line-of-business applications, add-ins, or macros”.  SalesDoc Architect is an Office add-in.  The semi-annual updates channel delays the release of new features by 4 months, allowing early testers the opportunity to test and report any problems to Microsoft so that (hopefully) they are resolved once they are released to deferred updates channel users.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a new feature that negatively impacted SalesDoc Architect and, in fact, many Excel add-ins.  Users on the semi-annual updates channel were not impacted by this issue, but enabled the early testers to report the issue to Microsoft so that they could fix the issue.  Please make sure that all users are on the deferred updates channel so that they are not “guinea pigs” for testing Microsoft’s new features.

Please note that users on the semi-annual updates channel will continue to receive security updates on a monthly basis.

To set your company to the semi-annual updates channel, log in to the Office 365 portal, then go to Admin> Settings > Services & add-ins > Office software download settings > Every 6 months (Semi-Annual channel).

In some cases, even if the company is set to the semi-annual channel, the PCs for one or more users may be set to the current updates channel, which you can determine by comparing the software build on the user’s PC (via File, Account) to the build identified on Microsoft’s Version and build numbers of update channel releases web page.  If the user has a current updates channel build, you will need to reset it to the semi-annual channel build as follows…

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