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Manufacturer content updates: Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Vertical, Zultys


SalesDoc Architect Version:  18.100
SalesDoc Architect Release Date:  October 22, 2018


Introducing the Dynamic Content Creator

The Dynamic Content Creator dynamically configures, combines and pushes different types of content to Microsoft Word outputs such as proposals and statements of work.  Your administrator must set up the content “blocks”, which is simple for them to do.  Once set up, users can easily insert bullets, sub-bullets, paragraphs and images that’ll be pushed to Word outputs.  Content can be configured in many ways, including…

  • Based on user inputs or answers to discovery questions
  • Triggered by specific types of solutions or part numbers configured
  • Inserted ad hoc by a user for a particular quote or proposal

The Dynamic Content Creator can be used to…

  • Drive solution configuration based on answers to a list of discovery questions
  • All-at-once automate product configuration, labor configuration, proposal content and statement of work content based on answers to discovery questions
  • Enable users to select from a built-in list of prospect needs and issues – and dynamically insert additional needs/issues – and push that content to proposals and other outputs
  • Guide users through the process of building a compelling executive summary for the proposal that addresses the prospect’s specific challenges and needs

Content Types include:

  • Bullets and sub-bullets
  • Paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Tables
  • Images

Administrators can set up “stock” content elements and program content configuration rules.  Users can go beyond the stock content by dynamically inserting ad hoc content on a quote-by-quote basis.  For help with the Dynamic Content Creator, please go to our user help or admin help pages on this topic.

Rename This Tab

“Rename this tab” has been added as an option within the Update tab(s) menu that allows you to rename any tab except for the Base Info, Pricing or Write-In tabs.  In addition, if you have a named range called ElementName on a tab, it’ll prompt you to update ElementName with the tab’s new name.  This new function is especially useful for setups where tabs are used as the means of splitting out different sites or rooms and where schedules of equipment/services are broken out by Element Name.

New Help Menu Options

What’s New options have been added to the Help menu, including…

  • What’s New for users (from CorsPro)
  • What’s New for admins (from CorsPro)
  • What’s New from YOUR admin (i.e., your admin creates the “What’s New”)
  • What’s New regarding manufacturer content updates (if you subscribe to them)

We also have options in the Help menu that enable you to request help from CorsPro support, check software and manufacturer content version levels, and submit SDA product improvement feedback.

New Setup Menu Options

New options have been added under Architect >> Setup, including:

  • Re-initialize SDA Desktop. Refreshes the SDA Desktop, checking all data elements to ensure that all updates have been incorporated.  For example, if a new output has been added to the outputs menu, this function enables the output to be added to the menu without restarting SDA.
  • Check for files not uploaded to the shared location. Checks for files that have been auto-saved locally but not yet uploaded to the shared file location (SharePoint or a network drive), along with any error conditions that might exist.
  • Regenerate menu toolbar. Regenerates the SDA Desktop menu toolbar.  You can also use Control-Alt-M to regenerate the toolbar.

For more details on all the new additions and enhancements, please refer to What’s New for Admins via the SDA Help menu.

For the latest manufacturer content updates, please go to the following: Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Vertical, Zultys