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Product Updates

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Manufacturer content updates: Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Vertical, Zultys

June 2019 Updates


New Add/Edit (Product) Proposal Content Function

In December, we added Structured Proposal Content (SPC) functionality, which incorporates a cloud-based content feed that accesses proposal content for millions of technology products (see the December 2018 update summary below for details).  In this release, we provide users with the ability to edit the content downloaded from the cloud-based feed or to add your own content simply by going to Architect >> Add/edit (product) proposal content.

To look up an item in the SPC cloud-based proposal content feed, SDA requires both an item part number and an associated manufacturer name.  You can identify and highlight items in a quote file that do not have a manufacturer associated with them by clicking Architect >> Setup >> Check for items with missing manufacturer.  When generating an SPC output, users will be prompted (yes/no) to perform this check if any items lack an associated manufacturer.

Please note that added or modified SPC content will only be available on the individual user’s machine (stored in c:\CorsPro\User\ProposalContent.mdb, which can be moved to a new machine if desired; content downloaded from the cloud-based content feed is stored here as well).

For more information, please refer to the Structured Proposal Content help topic within SDA’s help files.

New Goal Seek by Line Item for Selected Pricing Category

The line-item goal seek function has been updated so that users can apply line-item goal seek to a Pricing Category that has been selected on the Pricing tab.  To select a Pricing Category, go to the Pricing tab and select its blue discount/markup cell.

Other Updates

Several other updates were made as well, including bug fixes such as a fix to the “freeze” that occurred for some users on Structured Proposal Content (SPC) outputs.  Also, we’ve added cents to all dollar totals on the Pricing tab; quote files will be updated as new quote templates are generated, or if users click ‘Update all tabs’ within an existing quote file.



All-New Library Manager

We’ve re-written Library Manager from the ground up.  The application is faster, sleeker-looking, bug-free and contains additional functionality.  Highlights include…

  • The ability to handle DOCX (for doc sections) and DOTX (for doc templates) file formats.
  • Smarter doc section/template file handling. You don’t even have to save the Word doc if you make changes to it; all you need to do is click the Save button in the Library Manager dialog.
  • Ability to drag-and-drop doc sections to move them around – or right-click and cut/paste them to new locations – and when you’re satisfied with the moves, click the Save Moves button to finalize and save the moves.
  • Filtering of doc sections via the Search function and sorting of any column in the grid. You can also double-click on any doc section in the grid to edit it (in addition to being able to use the “View/Edit button).
  • Output Types replace the “Doc Type Groups” utilized in the old Library Manager.
  • Structured Proposal Content (SPC) module that allows admins to add SPC content to the centralized library that’s pushed out to all users (as a complement to what’s available via the cloud-based content feed). Admins might want to add this type of content rather than the typical Word doc, as it allows users to select the content elements (product image, benefits, overview, features) that they want to include in proposals.

Please note that users can also edit and add their own Structured Proposal Content (SPC) via Architect >> Add/edit (product) proposal content.  However, that content is only available on the individual user’s machine – stored in c:\CorsPro\User\ProposalContent.mdb (which can be moved to a new machine if desired) – in contrast to the SPC content that is added by an admin via Library Manager that is pushed out to all users.

For more information on the all-new Library Manager, click on “Getting Started” in the left-hand pane of Library Manager.  You can also refer to the Library Manager help topics within SDA’s in-application help files, or to the Architect Manager PDF guide in c:\CorsPro\PQManager\Manuals.

 “DocSection” Added as Dynamic Content Creator Content Type

You can now incorporate doc sections from the document library (in Library Manager) into Dynamic Content Creator (DCC) content “blocks” simply by typing the doc section’s name in the content column and “DocSection” in the Content Type column.  For example, you might include customer references by industry that the user could select from.

Approval Emails Enhanced with EmailSubject and EmailBody

Now you can push your own content to the emails generated by SDA’s approvals functionality.  If you define EmailBody and/or EmailSubject single-cell named ranges within a quote file, SDA will use the content in EmailSubject as the email’s subject, and will insert the content in EmailBody in between the link to or mention of the quote file to be approved and the ApprovalReasons content.