Setting Yourself Apart with a Custom Proposal

Sales Proposals
May 14, 2014

As sales professionals, we’re always looking for ways to beat out the competition and close the sale more quickly. One of the most important ways this can be done is by presenting our customer with a proposal that stands out relative to the competition. The proposal must look professional and eye-catching, and it must be detailed and customer-specific. Sending a generic, non-customized proposal just won’t cut it.

Our clients know that SalesDoc Architect (SDA), our automated proposal generation software, can produce this type of proposal. Using Microsoft Office’s familiar interface, sales professionals can generate within minutes a customer-tailored proposal that includes all of the latest information to make the best impression on their prospective customer.

SalesDoc Architect can be customized to our client’s business so that, in turn, our client can generate proposals that are customized for a prospective customer. As one long-time client recently said…

“SDA is our quote generation application. I’m amazed at how an application such as this can be so customized to our business. Having worked with other quote generation software applications for 20+ years, this is definitely one of the best. We provide internet access systems, PBX phone systems, CCTV security systems, and guest TV systems to the hospitality industry. Each of these can contain an enormous number of single line items but the SDA software makes it so simple to configure our quotes and produce a complete, yet easy to read output for our customers. Thank you for a great product!”

And, because SDA generates proposals in Microsoft Word – not fixed PDFs – salespeople can easily further customize the outputs if they need to. As Fred Mincey with HTC recently said, “SalesDoc Architect was easy to learn and is very user-friendly. I can create a proposal and have it in a sales rep’s hands in just a few minutes. I can also add new products with ease.”

Fred’s last comment brings up the point that often a sales professional needs to incorporate multiple solution options within a proposal. Including an array of options is often necessary, and having the ability to do so quickly is a benefit that helps ensure that a proposal will stand out. SDA’s options functionality makes it a snap to quote multiple solution options.

To sum it up, not only does a proposal have to look professional, but more importantly it needs to include customer-tailored information that can be assembled and delivered to the prospective customer in a timely and efficient manner. With SalesDoc Architect, it’s easy to automate that process!

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