How Does SDA Automate Your Sales Process?

Every organization has their own sales process in place. But not every sales organization operates efficiently and effectively. Laying SalesDoc Architect (SDA) onto your current sales process will bring a level of sales automation and sophistication to help you sell more in less time.


How does SDA fit into your current pre-sales process?

SalesDoc Architect in pre-sales process
End result: a consistent, professional and polished proposal that helps you REDUCE the time to gather and generate complicated proposals and scopes of work while giving your team a library of tools to build it fast and consistently. You sell more in less time!


How does SDA impact your post-sales process?

SalesDoc Architect in post-sales process
Scope creep and other post-sale deliverables decrease your customer’s lifetime value. SDA equips your team to accurately scope, deliver and support your client with accuracy long after the initial sale.


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SalesDoc Architect is specifically designed for project-oriented technology integrators who provide complex turn-key solutions combining hardware, software and services for areas including information technology (IT), business telephony, security and video.

Combining the power of sales automation and document automation, SDA gives sales teams the ability to generate and deliver a detailed proposal and scope of work in a short period of time that can be tailored to individual customer needs.



CorsPro Professional Services

In addition to our helpdesk, we offer consulting, application development, online training and self-help information as well as in-app help resources to ensure you get the most out of our solution so we can achieve our shared goal of truly transforming your business.


CorsPro Quick Start Implementation Process

We employ a 4-stage QuickStart process to get customers up and running quickly in the first phase of implementing SalesDoc Architect. On average, customers spend an hour a week over the course of 6 weeks with the CorsPro Client Services team to get set up. Our QuickStart process strengthens the sales to operations process by providing more, accurate information about the customer while automating sales documents such as proposals, SOWs, and contracts.

  • Implement CorsPro in less than 6 weeks, requiring less than an hour a week of your time
  • Customize implementation based on individual organization needs
  • Automate proposals, SOWs, and contracts
  • All the benefits of SDA in just six weeks

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CorsPro Architect Manager Services Program

We offer clients an administrative support program that helps to maintain their SalesDoc Architect solution. In some cases, our clients lack the time to stay current with SDA maintenance and make the modifications to keep up with their rapidly changing industry. We have created the CorsPro Architect Manager Service (CAMs) program to support these key administrative functions for you. CAMs provides peace of mind and resiliency to your organization by handling the core administration and maintenance of your SalesDoc Architect configuration. By ensuring your team is utilizing the most recent version of SDA, your team has access to:

  • the latest performance enhancements
  • bug fixes
  • manufacturer content updates

CAMs complements CorsPro’s other offerings including:

  • support helpdesk
  • educational webinars
  • website support pages
  • implementation and customization support

The CorsPro Client Services team is dedicated to bringing you the support and service you need to Sell More in Less Time.
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Customer Content and Applications

As part of SalesDoc Architect’s implementation and on-going maintenance, we work closely with our clients to create customized content and applications uniquely designed for each client’s needs. While many clients use the basic set-up of manufacturer content for proposals and scopes of work, others require a more sophisticated implementation. Many CorsPro clients customize SDA to include:

  • Qualification and discovery questions that auto-flow into memos, proposals and scopes of work
  • On-going support plans calculated based on what is sold and/or what is already on site
  • Commission calculations
  • Peripheral products and services along with labor hour calculations
  • Managed services or leasing options
  • Workflow rules (e.g., approvals)
  • Auto-naming and auto-saving files to specific file locations (e.g., SharePoint)


Sales Process Consulting

With over 15 years of helping clients sell more in less time, we’ve become experts in automating the sales process from the very first stages of Qualification and Discovery to the final stages of Implementation and Delivery. Our industry focus allows us to offer a range of insights, suggestions, and creative approaches to sales process automation that can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Our sales process consulting will help you uncover better ways to:

  • Operate efficiently and effectively
  • Collaborate between sales and operations
  • Generate complex proposals and scopes of work quickly and consistently
  • Accurately scope, deliver, and support your customers after the sale
  • Minimize scope creep and increase margins




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